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mom and daughter brushing their teeth

Dentists in Anderson

A longtime Anderson Dentist, Dr. Garry Smith and Dr. Charlene Steiner run Smith Family Dentistry and added services as a dentist offering cutting edge dental care. Patients know the difference with their comprehensive approach to improve your long-term care.

Drs. Garry Smith and Charlene Steiner’s state-of-the-art technologies combine immediate with high-quality results for dentistry that lasts, because we value your health and smile.

A Combined 100 Years of Experience

Smith Family Dentistry gives you a dentist in Anderson. With two central locations, semi-annual teeth cleaning and advanced procedures are more convenient.

Smith Family Dentistry offers one-day crowns using Cerec technology for example, and all services are available in Anderson.

The Anderson dental practices share a combined experience exceeding 100 years. With the staff’s tooth restoration experience and dentists Drs. Smith and Steiner’s comprehensive approach, patients enjoy beautiful smiles.

We offer orthodontics in Anderson and much more. With Laser, we perform soft tissue dental surgery without the need for anesthetic and offer one-day crowns using the Cerec porcelain crown technology.

Working closely with your chiropractors and other physicians, patients suffering from TMJ are able to receive more innovative care and longer-lasting results.

Drs. Garry Smith and Charlene Steiner, leading dentists in Anderson, use a simple approach – advanced dental technology to produce faster results.