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Efficient Teeth Whitening Services in Anderson, IN

Is your smile lacking the luster it used to have? Are your teeth yellowing with age? Or have you started noticing coffee stains on your teeth?

Our team at Smiles of Anderson can help. Our dental offices in Anderson, IN, utilize custom trays to get efficient, proven results.

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Common Reasons for Teeth Discoloration

Teeth lose their whiteness and luster over the years for a wide range of reasons, from simple aging to the foods and drinks we consume. Some of the most common causes of teeth discoloration include:


Teeth thin somewhat and take on a more yellow color naturally as we age, leading to a duller, more yellow smile.


Smoking or using chewing tobacco is a main contributor to yellowed or dark teeth, causing severe stains.

Coffee, Tea, Colas, and Red Wine

These drinks all have components that can cause staining to your teeth, sometimes more of a brown color, other times more yellow.

Plaque and Tartar

The buildup of plaque and tartar can lead to discoloration of your teeth over time, which is part of why regular brushing and flossing is key to maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile.


Certain medicines and antibiotics can lead to discoloration of your teeth.

When you’re ready to get your confidence back, give us a call to schedule an appointment. Please contact one of our offices in Anderson, Indiana.