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Orthodontics Services in Anderson and Fishers, IN

Orthodontics offers a way to straighten and realign the teeth in your mouth, leading to a straighter smile and a healthier oral structure. Our dental offices in Anderson and Fishers, IN, specializing in providing Functional Orthodontics, a system that uses lighter, gentler force to reduce discomfort and improve long-term results.

With Functional Orthodontics, tooth extractions are minimized to less than 10 percent and patient bone growth is enhanced, preserving facial symmetry. Adults and children alike can benefit from orthodontics, helping relieve discomfort from misaligned teeth and providing a healthier structure for years to come.

family in glasses smiling

Invisible Braces

If you need a small cosmetic improvement to achieve a great smile, invisible braces may be a great option for you. Invisible braces are trays made of lightweight plastic with an impression of your teeth in the shape of arches. The nearly invisible braces use a simple rotation of three to five sets of trays that you wear for six to eight weeks at a time to achieve a final, beautiful smile.

A quick evaluation will determine if invisible braces will achieve your cosmetic dental goals. If our dentists determine you are a candidate for the invisible braces system, an impression is taken of the teeth and sent to a lab where three color-coded sets of tray-styled invisible braces are produced, custom-made for you.

Convenience of Invisible Braces

Invisible braces are easy to wear, nearly invisible, and don’t impede your speech at all while wearing them, making them an extremely convenient orthodontics option. Each aligner works to coax the teeth in small incremental movements to get you progressively closer to a new smile. If you qualify for invisible braces, our doctors will give you more explicit instructions on the length to use each tray.

When you begin wearing the invisible braces to align teeth, some minor discomfort or aching is normal, but the teeth quickly adjust and stabilize in their new positions. In just a few months, you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of straighter teeth.

Ask Your Orthodontist

If you think you may be in need of orthodontic care, the first step is setting up a consultation with your orthodontist. We will assess the position and health of your teeth, determining whether the necessary alignment qualifies for invisible braces. In many cases, a straighter, more beautiful smile is just three dots away with invisible braces. Drs. Garry Smith and Charlene Steiner also offer traditional brackets to answer every patient’s custom needs for a straighter, prettier smile.

When you’re ready to get your confidence back, give us a call to schedule an appointment. Please contact one of our offices in Fishers or Anderson, Indiana.