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A girl cleaning her teeth with thread

Dental Technology Used in Anderson and Fishers

With dental offices in Anderson and Fishers, Smith Family Dentistry brings the best in dental care to you. Offering one-day crowns, drills filings and much more Dr. Garry Smith and staff focus on preserving, restoring or creating the perfect smile for you.

State of the Art

The Smith Family Dentistry Anderson dental office offers up-to-date dental technology news on its dental technology blog. The Fishers dental office offers the same advanced dental technology services as well.
Smith Family Dentistry in Fishers and the Anderson dental office utilizes state-of-the-art dental technologies, ensuring you receive the best dental care possible in a relaxed and modern environment. Our technological advances offer you a comfortable dental experience:

  • ViziLite Plus is an early detection of oral cancer screening.
  • KCP1000: Provides drilled fillings without the need for anesthetic. This means no shots.
  • CEREC, CAD-CAM: Allows for one appointment onlays & crowns.
  • DIAGNO-DENT: A laser that detects decay not seen by the naked eye or x-ray
  • KODAK Digital X-Rays: Requires 90% less radiation and has the clarity of the best KODAK Photography. This allows for better and earlier diagnosis.
  • Cosmetic Digital Imaging by KODAK: This allows us to show you a dental makeover digitally before the work is ever done.
  • INTRA-ORAL CAMERA: Visualizes tooth defects under magnification
  • LASER: Allows for soft tissue surgery without scalpels, stitches, or anesthetic
  • IMPLANTS: Replacing each tooth as needed
  • ZOOM2: Whitens teeth in one appointment

Available at both the Smith Family Dentistry Anderson dental office and Fisher’s dental office, these are exceptional services to keep your smile bright and happy. Dr. Smith began with the Anderson dental office and expanded with the Fishers dental office in 2005 and is proud to offer dentistry in Fishers.